Sports Programming.
Complex Development.
Strategic Marketing & Research.


Kreshmore Group’s sports industry expertise is vast and includes consulting services to:

  • Private corporations
  • Government agencies and municipalities
  • International organizations
  • Amateur sports organizations
  • Professional sports organization

Experienced sporting categories include:

  • Private corporations
  • Government agencies and municipalities
  • International organizations
  • Amateur sports organizations
  • Professional sports organization

KG has affiliations with the United States Specialty Sports Association, the World Baseball & Softball Confederation, the MLBPA and other sports groups and institutions.

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David J. Wabick Jr.

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Sports Consulting


Kreshmore Group has worked on
hundreds of cases over the past 10 years
and has processes down to a science.


Kreshmore Group is your resource for M&A services, procuring mortgage refinancing, equity
injection, growth capital, emergency loans and troubled debt solutions since 2009. Take advantage of
our track record, connections and expertise.


Problem solving is what we do.
Our team is focused on adding value throughout every step of the process.

KG’s services include a myriad of professional offerings including feasibility studies, business and operational plans, specific topic research and studies, strategic planning, forecasting, strategic advisory services, incentive financing and full project financing.

  • New Facility Development Areas of Specialization
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Market Studies
  • Economic Impact Reports
  • Sports Programming
  • Marketing
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Budgeting, forecasting, and financial modeling
  • Financing Strategic
  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Incentive
  • Grants
  • Senior Debt
  • Other Specialty Financing
  • Existing Facility Area of Specialization
  • Facility Analysis
  • Sports Programming Structure
  • Facility Layout and optimization
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Facility Analysis

Kreshmore Group is an industry-recognized boutique consulting firm and is sought after for its knowledge, creativity, and ability to execute complex projects and tasks. KG has the ability to help businesses analyze where they currently are within the sports landscape and shift marketing in order to maximize revenues within their market.

Kreshmore Group, through their vast contacts and understanding within the space, can help facilities, municipalities, and private companies with acquiring bids to run national and international level events, setup programming to make sure the companies calendar is filled during peak and non-peak business times, and setup sports programming that will allow for the company to maximize revenues.

  • Areas of Specialization
  • Bid acquisitions
  • Peak and non-peak programming
  • Program revenue optimization

Kreshmore Group has shown a high skill level of understanding the needs of a company and seeking out the partnerships that allow both businesses to achieve their desired goals. We look for win-win partnerships where both companies get to their desired destinations quicker as their offerings are complimentary in nature.