Troubled Assets and Turnarounds:


  • Note Purchases
  • 363 Transactions
  • DIP Financing

Other Workout

  • Discounted loan payoff
  • Negotiated Settlements
  • Lease Settlements
  • Turnaround Solutions

Real Estate Financing

  • Construction Financing
  • Permanent Financing
  • Interim and Bridge Money (Hard Money)
  • Other Preferred Debt
  • Equity Injection
  • Turnaround
  • Acquisitions
  • City, County, and State Incentives
  • New Markets Tax Credits
  • Building | Land | Rehab

Business and Operating Companies

  • C&I Refinance
  • Equipment Financing
  • Inventory and Accounts Receivable Financing (ABL)
  • Business Acquisition
  • Business Turnaround Financing
  • SBA Loans
  • Leasing Alternatives
  • Equity Injection
  • Growth Capital

Financial Modeling

  • Complex Forecasting and Projection Models
  • Valuation Models for Equity Raises
  • Building of CIM (Confidential Information Memorandum) or Other Related Materials for Equity Raising
  • Capital Stack Models
  • Business Efficiency Models
  • Build-to-suit Models

Consumer Solutions

  • Home Equity Lines
  • Permanent Loans
  • New Home Construction
  • Loans on Securities

The Right Choice

KG’s vast experience allows us to specialize in a large swath of areas. With our background in accounting, finance, real estate, and lending we’re able to close everything from “no-brainers” to the toughest of deals

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Specialized Knowledge

Specialized knowledge in local, regional, and national financial institutions to help you become bankable


Large network of banks, bridge lenders, hard-money, and private investors to fulfill your capital needs.


Successful procurement of capital in all industries with an ability to identify the client’s compatible banking/capital partner.


Have worked out hundreds of cases in the past 10 years and have the process down to a science.


Have an extensive network of attorneys to make sure you’re best represented and protected while we negotiate and structure a settlement


We’re problem solvers. By looking for the creative solution, and not resorting to arguing, we keep the bill low and the results high.