KG closed the negotiation of a multi-year, multi-million dollar judgement, in the Chicagoland real estate market. The settlement was complex and kept the client out of bankruptcy.

KG closed the settlement on a deficiency judgment on a piece of property in the city of Chicago. The negotiation was the last piece in a multi-year settlement and allowed the client to keep their property.

KG closed a bank loan for the purchase of a truck terminal in a south suburb of Chicago. The loan was closed within 45 days of KG’s commencement and was in the approximate amount of $1.75MM.

KG closed the refinance of an industrial company in the city of Chicago. The facility included the purchase of equipment and an increased revolving line of credit. The transaction was bank financed and closed within 30 days of KG’s commencement.

KG successfully closed a $10MM loan for the development of a hotel in Wisconsin with no cash down. The facility included bank facilitated debt, a loan facility provided by the city, and a limited county guarantee.