Our History

Kreshmore Group (KG) is a consulting company headquartered out of Chicago’s southwest suburbs. KG has specialized knowledge in loan workout/troubled debt negotiations, turnarounds, recapitalizations/financings, and corporate reorganizations.

KG consultants are not loan brokers and do not simply place debt or equity. For KG, the goal is to understand the dynamics of the company, identify any issues that will cause problems in the financing or workout, and follow-through on the proposed global plan. Because of the care KG takes in the initial underwriting and presentation preparation, KG has historically high success rates.

KG has successfully worked out debt from as little as $30,000 (credit card debt from an existing client), to over $100,000,000. Working alongside with legal counsel, KG attacks the core issues in the negotiation and gets down to the solution, rather than fueling a legal battle.

On the financing side, KG has successfully closed virtually every kind of traditional and nontraditional loan on everything from real estate to C&I (operating loans). In today’s banking arena, it is not uncommon for businesses with solid fundamentals to have trouble closing loans. KG is extremely familiar with the banking process and works with their clients to make the necessary changes to become bankable. KG also has a large network of interim lenders they use to bring in quick financing. There are some deals a bank simply will not participate in which requires such lenders. KG also has the ability to bring in growth money through equity or mezzanine debt.

KG’s unparalleled level of service and execution leads to successful deals and cultivated client relationships.

Our mission

Allowing our clients to focus on their product or service while we advance towards our goal of dismantling the client’s chief obstacle through leveraging our extensive network and applying our niche expertise.

Our experience

Capital Restructuring & Financing
Loan Work out and Negotiated Settlements
Bridge & Interim Lending
Equity Injection

What we are good at

KG’s vast experience allows us to specialize in a large swath of areas. With our background in accounting, finance, real estate, and lending we’re able to close everything from “no-brainers” to the toughest of deals

Specialized Knowledge

Specialized knowledge in local, regional, and national financial institutions to help you become bankable


Large network of banks, bridge lenders, hard-money, and private investors to fulfill your capital needs.


Successful procurement of capital in all industries with an ability to identify the client’s compatible banking/capital partner.


Have worked out hundreds of cases in the past 10 years and have the process down to a science.


Have an extensive network of attorneys to make sure you’re best represented and protected while we negotiate and structure a settlement


We’re problem solvers. By looking for the creative solution, and not resorting to arguing, we keep the bill low and the results high.